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Our Banking and Finance team provides long-term legal counsel, as well as litigation services and legal advice on a case-to-case basis.

Senior partner Haim Kimhi is our team leader. Mr. Kimhi contributes his vast professional experience, gained over four decades, during the course of which Mr. Kimhi has served, in addition to his service as legal adviser to various companies, as a member of the board of the Israel Securities Authority – ISA (equivalent to the SEC), as well as board member in various corporations (including two financial institutions).

We provide permanent legal counsel to a prominent financial institution on various levels, from the senior executive management to middle management and employees at ‘field level’. Our legal services focus on a diverse array of issues pertaining to the client’s strategic long-term decisions as well as its day-to-day practice.

The scope of our permanent services includes:

1. Legal advice concerning corporate governance.
2. Interpretation and implementation of updated banking regulations.
3. Drafting contracts and corporate documents.
4. Compliance issues (local and international).

We also offer legal representation in class action suits and private law-suits and take part as lecturers in educational programs designated for bankers.

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