Courtroom Litigation

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Courtroom Litigation

One of our primary fields of expertise is Civil Litigation. All lawyers employed by our firm, partners and associates alike, are primarily Civil Litigators, and know their way around the courtroom. We put special emphasis on a familiarizing every member of our legal staff with the twists and turns of Civil Procedure.

Combined with our specialized knowledge in substantive law, our litigating skills allow us to offer high quality legal representation to all of our clients, corporate and individual alike, in complex cases as well as simple ones.

Our litigators are qualified to appear before all legal instances, from the bailiff’s office and justices of the peace to the Supreme Court, in civil and administrative proceedings alike. We also offer representation in Labor Courts.

Our litigation team is known for its record of accomplishment in complex cases, which require a combination of expert legal knowledge and litigating skills. Over the years, we have successfully represented our corporate clients in numerous class action suits.

Our firm famous for its devoted and relentless representation of its clients. However, putting the best interest of our clients first, we make sure we explore all available options before suggesting a course of action in every single case, including settlement negotiations held directly between the parties or through means of mediation, if necessary.


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