Based in the city of Jerusalem, our nation’s capital and administrative center, our law firm has been active since the year 1991, offering a variety of legal services in diverse fields of professional expertise to a wide array of clients, ranging from large commercial companies and NPOs (foreign and Israeli), through smaller corporate entities to individual clients.

Our basic philosophy is to offer comprehensive tailor made services, designed to meet the client’s particular needs in various legal fields. For that end, we constantly focus on the development of our expertise in a wide range of legal subjects and doctrines.

We do our best to remain up to speed and ready to provide competent legal advice and creative solutions to or clients’ legal dilemmas.

We render our services in to basic types of engagement:

  • Permanent consultancy services to corporations and legal entities.
  • Services rendered on a case-to-case basis (such as private real estate transactions and courtroom litigation).

Our team consists of experienced lawyers in the fields of civil, corporate and commercial laws, torts and medical malpractice, tenders, banking laws and regulation, property law, administrative law, complex and multi disciplinary litigation and labor law.

We represent several significant corporations on a permanent basis, including a prominent bank, a statutory corporation, several commercial companies, a well known research institute and dozens of community centers across the country. Our practice includes, on occasion, representation in international matters.

Alongside our practice in the field of corporate representation, we offer extensive services to private clients and have known our fair share successful legal cases, especially in the fields of medical malpractice, torts and property law.

We take in our ability to offer such extensive services and shall do our very best to accommodate the needs of every client we take on board.